Yes, these spaces still exist in Kreuzberg.

Located in the second backyard of an old brick building on the golden shores of the Landwehrkanal, UFER is a place where creative minds come together to work, inspire each other and make shit happen.


Opened in 2017 by Rejne Rittel, Max Scherer and Tobias Enge, the 3 founders of Wildcorn modelled UFER to be their ideal work environment: a space shared with innovative minds, focused and

goal-oriented, spacious and professional and in the heart of the Kreuzberg start-up scene.





UFER is a space for entrepreneurs from all different professional fields, to work, create and inspire each other. It is here that inspiration happens either in quiet solitude or in cerebral ping-pong matches amongst innovative minds.


UFER is a fully equipped co-working space consisting of 54 desk spaces,

6 conference rooms, a lounge and a tea kitchen, spread out in the 2 spacious wings of the building. We offer anything from individual monthly leases to long-term leases for teams of any size. 


 from €300net.

per month & desk space

Dedicated desk space

24/7 access

Multi-functional printer (A3)

Bisley design tables

Freight elevator

Free Wildcorn snacks

6 conference rooms

Beamer & TV

Office management

Wilkhahn design chairs

High-speed WIFI

Private phone booths

Daily cleaning service

Sauna & shower

Berliner Berg craft beer on tap

Endless Concierge coffee

Weekly delivery of organic apples (BIO)


UFER c/o Wildcorn GmbH

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 41, 2. HH, 1.OG

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Tel: +49 30 62 93 83 38